Sarvesh Dutt | The Digital Society

Sarvesh Dutt

Sarvesh Dutt has completed his engineering from Kurukshetra University. He has a diverse experience of more than 8 years in the field of Digital Marketing. He has served thousands of students till date and is a visiting faculty in various institutes. He is also an IT consultant to many big brands like Su-Kam, DLF, Tom Tailor to name few. He also provides consultancy to topmost lawyers and chartered accountants of the nation. Here at The Digital Society, he serves as the pillar of all technical operations and training management.

Divyanshu Shastri | The Digital Society

Divyanshu Shastri

Divyanshu Shastri is the base behind the completion of various projects picked up by the students of The Digital Society. He is in the field of IT Consultation, Business Development, Client Servicing etc. He trains students on how to convert potential leads into clients & create a well-managed marketing strategy.

Richa Kaushik | The Digital Society

Richa Kaushik

Richa Kaushik has a vast experience of 9 years in the field of education, administration and career counselling. She worked as a Head of Applied Science Department, Kurukshetra University. Over the years, she is guiding students/professionals/clients for their career exploration. She has a good connection with the education industry. Till now, she had guided more than 1000 students for their growth and development in career.

Anuj Aggarwal

Anuj Aggarwal is a practicing Chartered Account and a law graduate. He has done B.Com (H), FCA and LLB. He is the senior most face in The Digital Society. He is responsible for all the plannings, administration, legal and taxation work of the society. He is the financial advisor to big brands like Su-Kam, DLF, Tom Tailor, Amrik Sukhdev, Samsung, Raddison, Holiday Inn, Country Inn, Airtel, Sketchers, Delhi Daredevil, Crown Plaza, Sheraton, Minizmo, Titan, Tanishq, Inabata and many more. He also serves as a business coach to several entrepreneurs and assists them in their high growth trajectory and in building a world-class organization.

Vikram Insaan

Vikram Insaan deals in Accounts and Taxation work and is well versed with cyber laws. He trains regarding punishment for cyber terrorism, national security policies, the regulatory framework in India for IT. He teaches to enable effective prevention, investigation, and prosecution of cybercrime and enhancement of law enforcement capabilities.

The Digital Society

Gaurang Bhargawa

Gaurang Bhargawa is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He provides guidance to students regarding company laws and compliance. He ensures that all the students follow government corporate affairs law and follow all the rules and regulations in compliance with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

Saurabh Sharma | The Digital Society

Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh Sharma is currently operating 2 Creative media agencies namely Blanky Creative Agency & Cape Street Media. He is responsible for brand building for various companies like Hindustan Unilever, Dalmia, V-Mart, Pizza Hut, TVS, India Shelter, e-Scan and many more.

Here in The Digital Society, he provides training for Graphic designing and other branding strategies.

Deepanshu Goel

Deepanshu Goel has completed his engineering at Kurukshetra University. He has a diverse experience of more than 5 years in the field of Marketing. He is currently providing marketing consultancy services to big brands like Crax, Bikano, Yellow Diamond and many more. He have detailed knowledge of different technologies like Blockchain etc.

Here in The Digital Society, he serves as a mentor and provides training for Blockchain and various other technologies related to Blockchain.

Rashmi Shastri

Just the way a painter rendering strokes on a canvas, Rashmi decided to pursue her long-cherished dream and passion for hair and make-up. She lays her transformational and caressing strokes on the hair and faces of individuals. Rashmi’s approach is minimalistic, edgy and arresting. She creates each look with her mastered distinctive technique and an outstanding style.

Over the years she has gained a huge standing and has had the golden opportunity and privilege of working with diverse clients. The list includes renowned fashion designers, leading international and national fashion magazines and fashion brands.

Shikher Rastogi | The Digital Society

Shikher Rastogi

Shikher Rastogi completed his Bachelor of Computer Application from Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology. He has experience of more than 5 years in The Digital Marketing profile. He is a goal-oriented, passionate, and hard-working personality, who considers delivering a 100% result.

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